Who We Are

Our Story

Before becoming a legal Non-Profit (Touch A Soul), we were a group of volunteers, who dedicated their time to feed 100+ underprivileged people once a month, under the name “Feed The Hungry.” As a lot of other organizations and groups were providing the same service, we tried to look for the untapped area of helping school children in need.


We approached a few school districts and inquired if we can do anything to help the children whose families are struggling to provide the basic needs either it is food, or school supplies etc.

Milpitas unified school district (MUSD) was the first district we approached.  No one had ever approached them with this type of request, so there were many logistics & legalities to be put in place. We picked our first school, Curtner Elementary, to sponsor the meals for all those kids, whose families are struggling to meet their needs. This is how Touch A Soul took birth.


We are so blessed and grateful to nurture those schoolchildren and equip them with the tools to create a great future for them.

Our Mission

Touch A Soul is a California-based non-profit that is dedicated to serve underprivileged children by providing them food and school supplies to nurture their growth towards a healthy and empowered future.

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Our Team

Ruby Walia

Founder, President

Ruby Walia born & brought up in Kapurthala,(punjab),India. She earned a degree in Law from India in 1994 and migrated to US same year. She volunteered at American law firms, but somehow didn't enjoy it. She believes if you love your work, you can excel well in life. She joined Cosmetology school and founded "Ruby's Beauty Studio" in 2003. She is very passionate about her work. 

She is a single and proud mom of 2 children now in college, Shivani, and Manav. 

Ruby believes in serving humanity and giving back to the community. She started feeding homeless on the road with her family. Later her friends joined and she formed a group called, "Feed the Hungry". This passion of hers led her to found "Touch A Soul." She dedicated this organization to school children as she believes children are our future and we should nurture them well.

She is also trained in Yoga and offers free Yoga sessions to the community. She enjoys reading, and writing. She founded her blog site in 2017, Let's share, leran, & evolve.  She believes in connecting and serving the humanity.

Shanthi Asokan

Board Member

Shanthi Asokan started as a volunteer in 2008 at India Community Center and she moved up to an accomplished HR professional with over 5 years of experience. She is currently working as a Human Resources Manager at India Community Center a Non-profit Organization located In Milpitas, CA.

Shanthi Asokan holds a B.S in Accounting from PSG College for Women India, and a Master’s in Hospital Management from the Kothari institute of Management India. She is currently doing her HR Certification through UCSC.

She is passionate about serving the local community and she started as a volunteer. During her free time she works with few of her friends in designing handmade jewelry.

Dr. Clifton Der Bing

Board Member

Dr. Clifton Der Bing is a studied practitioner of the art of holistic wellness. He pursued a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology because of the hardships that he overcame as a youth and the lessons he learned while volunteering with children and young adults. Now as a Licensed Psychologist and Yoga Instructor, Clifton enjoys empowering others to successfully find ways to overcome life obstacles.

Clifton currently serves as a Board of Trustee for "Touch A Soul" and owns a counseling private practice in San Jose called "Wellness Ways Center." He is also an avid swimmer, runner, yogi, and enjoys community involvement with disadvantaged youths.

Shivani Walia

Board Member

Shivani Walia is currently a Psychology Major student in San Jose State University. Shivani is very compassionate, and affectionate person, who believes in helping people in need. She was a Secretary in her College Council. She works part-time in Milpitas library. She is very hard working and committed to her studies and work.

Hunger Facts

Food is the most important school supply.

Every kid needs three meals a day to be healthy and do well in school. And for some kids, school is the best place to get those meals.

Not every kid starts the day with a good breakfast. 59% of children from low-income families have to come to school hungry.

Kids who are hungry can't focus and do well in school. 46% of children from low-income families say hunger hurts their performance in school. 12% say that sometimes at night they're too distracted by hunger to do their homework.

More than anyone, teachers understand that kids are hungry. 74% of educators see students who regularly come to school hungry because they are not getting enough to eat at home. 43% of these see hungry students arrive nearly every day.

Hunger contributes to poor school performance, developmental delays, anxiety, behavior problems and even chronic illnesses, such as asthma. Obesity is an ironic partner of hunger, often resulting from consuming cheap food with empty calories.

School food programs have proven benefits for academics and health. Children who eat at school have less hunger, better attendance and improved educational outcomes, such as higher levels of literacy and math proficiency. Pew Charitable Trust reported that the availability of healthy food at school improves children’s eating habits and reduces their risks for obesity and type-2 diabetes.